West Lothian Pest Control Services

Pest Control for West Lothian Homes and Businesses

Specialist Training and the right equipment whatever the building, whatever the pest.

RB Pro Clean and Control will know the best method of control to use to remove the unwanted pest from your property.

Dealing with unwanted pests can be an ongoing challenge in many environments and situations. RB Pro Clean & Control can help to remove pests quickly, effectively and safely.

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Pest Management

Some buildings are particularly prone to frequent pest problems which is both annoying and costly for the owner or managers responsible for building maintenance.

Our Pest Management Service helps to address this problem. RB Pro Clean & Control can arrange to regularly check the buildings and areas you choose to be inspected. As inspections are planned, RB Pro Clean & Control can schedule and allocate resources in advance which greatly reduces the likelihood of any infestation taking hold or recurring.

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All types of pests taken care of:

  • Mouse Control

  • Rat Control

  • Squirrel Control

  • Pigeon Control

  • Gull Control

  • Electronic Fly Killer Service

  • Wasp Control

  • Flea Control

  • Carpet Beetle Control

  • Flying Insect Control

  • Crawling Insect Control

  • Moth Control

Price List For Domestic Pest Control Services in West Lothian

Rodent Control

  • Mouse Control From £120
  • Rat Control From £150
  • Squirrel Control From £90

Insect Control

  • Wasp Control From £50
  • Flying Insect Control From £85
  • Crawling Insect Control From £85
  • Flea Control From £95 per room
  • Moth Control From £95 per room

Commercial Pest Control Service

  • Annual  Contract Pest Control Service From £690
  • Seasonal Commercial Gull Control From £790
  • Annual Electronic Fly Killer Unit Servicing From £190

Professional Credentials and Associations