Exterior Cleaning Services for West Lothian

Gutter Cleaning for West Lothian Homes and Businesses

Cleaning and maintaining the gutters on your property

One of the most overlooked tasks that will prevent damage to your property. A simple job that is relatively inexpensive and should be top of your list for regular maintenance. Keeping your gutters clean and free from weeds and other debris will help prevent damage that can be caused by water ingress.

With our Gutter Vacuum Equipment  RB Pro Clean and Control can even clean hard to access areas and remove Weeds, Leaves, Moss and Sludge without a problem with no mess guaranteed.

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Cleaning the fascia, soffit boards and the outside surface of your gutters and down pipes.

Whatever the surface, plastic UPVC or painted, RB Pro Clean & Control will know exactly what cleaning system to use to achieve the best results, whether it be Water-Fed Pole and Brush, or with our New Contact-Less High Foam System and Power Pole. Our expertise means we can achieve unsurpassed standards of cleaning whilst mitigating the risk of damage, often achieving results that even our customers did not believe possible.

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All types of Gutters and Fascia's maintained

Gutter Cleaning:

Gutter Vacuum Service: Safer Cleaner and highly effective no ladders required all work undertaken from the safety of the ground. Our gutter vacuum equipment can extend over conservatories, garages, and extensions to clean hard to access areas with ease. The powerful suction from the vacuum will remove weeds, leaves, moss and sludge without a problem with no mess guaranteed.

Gutters and Down Pipes:

  • Top to Bottom Cleaning: We clean the outside surface of your gutters and down pipes.
  • Inside Surface and Down Pipes Pressure Cleaned and Rinse Through.
  • Gutter Cleaning and down pipe jetting service.


Fascia/Soffit Cleaning:

  • New Contact-Less High Foam Cleaning System and  Power Pole.
  • High Reach water fed pole and brush.

Price List for Cleaning

(Fixed Price Services - no Hidden Charges)

Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Vacuum Service

  • 2 Bedroom Property £30/£40
  • 3 Bedroom Property £40/£60
  • 4 Bedroom Property £60/£80
  • 5 Bedroom Property £70/£90

Fascia and Soffit Cleaned

  • 2 Bed Property From £50/£65
  • 3 Bed Property From £60/£85
  • 4 Bed Property From £90/£115
  • 5 Bed Property From £100/£150

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